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Epstein's Red Sox Dominate Cashman's Yankees (1/9/10)
Yankees Beat Out the Red Sox as Team of Decade (11/6/09)
Lost bet puts Red Sox fan in a hairy situation (11/6/09)
A-Rod Puts Rivalry Aside in Support of Ortiz (8/9/09)
Enough Is Enough!: The Red Sox/Yankees Rivalry Receives Too Much Press (8/9/09)
Bad Blood makes Yanks-Red Sox Great (8/8/09)
Yankees Phish Fan Gets His Due (7/9/09)
Jonathan Papelbon no Yankee (6/19/09)

A Reporter's Notebook: A Yankee fan in enemy territory (6/18/09)
MLB Handicapping: Comparing the Yankees and Red Sox (6/18/09)

Sox make a mockery of Yankee rivalry (6/13/09)
State of the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry: report from Fenway Park (6/11/09)
The Curse Of The New House (6/11/09)
Yankees Fan Tries to Curse Fenway (6/9/09)
Quinnipiac poll gives edge to Yankees over Red Sox (6/1/09)
Red Sox-Yankees: The Ultimate Team (5/18/09)
Even in Iraq, Red Sox-Yanks a hot topic (5/17/09)
"Rivalry" is defined by Yankees-Red Sox (5/3/09)
A Return to the Bronx: Who’s Cursed Now? (5/2/09)
Sox bring familiar faces to rivalry (4/24/09)
Teixeira expects icy reception at Fenway (4/24/09)
Yankees-Red Sox rivalry remains as strong as ever (4/24/09)
Red Sox's Ortiz offers warning to Yanks' Joba (4/23/09)
Will the Red Sox or Yankees Be Better in 2009? (2/11/09)
Player for player, the Yankees are better than Boston (2/5/09)
Red Sox Can See Past Yankees (12/11/08)
Sox-Yanks rivalry just got more intense (12/10)
Yankees-Sox rivalry past and present (8/24/08)
The Business of the Sox/Yanks rivalry (8/18/08)
The Rivalry; Yankees vs. Red Sox (7/31/08)
Red Sox-Yankees: What I Would Do for Tickets (7/23/08)
Red Sox—Yankees...Is the rivalry back on? (7/16/08)
Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry turns fatal (5/5/08)
The End of the rivalry?(4/18/08)
Sox-Yanks rivalry plenty alive (4/11/08)
Red Sox-Yankee Rivalry Cemented at New Stadium? (4/11/08)
For now, the Rivalry is reversed (4/10/08)
Yanks-Sox rivalry now painted red (4/10/08)
Young Yankees, Red Sox have much in common (4/10/08)

Yankees-Red Sox: The simmering feud (3/21/08) 
Red Sox-Yankees: The Rivalry of a Lifetime (3/7/08)
A 'Hank'ering For Controversy (3/5/08)
AL East Preview (2/6/08)
Accent's on Boston in rivalry with New York (2/2/08)
Boston-New York rivalry hovers over Super Bowl (2/1/08)
Beantown NY rivalry moves to gridiron (1/31/08)
What rivalry? (1/27/08)
Boston enjoys rare laughing dominance over NY (12/11/07)
Santana adds to Sox-Yanks rivalry (12/10/2007)
Rivalry between Red Sox, Yankees goes on (12/6/07)
Yankees/Red Sox rivalry is another sore spot for Rudy Giuliani & Mitt Romney (11/29/07)
Johan keeps the rivalry's hot stove burning (11/30/07)








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